About Us

Denise Hall the entrepreneurial mother® (together with Daughter) have first-hand experience, as a working single parent, around how to incorporate quality learning adventures regularly hence OzSee was born…

to assist a single parent in the pursuit of developing your children into global citizens. Of additional benefit is to find ways and means that enable the learning and growth to be done together.

OzSee started its own journey providing very targeted school/learning holiday options. It has since morphed (as has Denise and Daughter) into the place where the adventures of this single parent and Daughter duo are recorded, and shared, as an example of what’s possible on a regular basis. 

It’s not just about occupying school holiday time as it is so much more than that. It us about enabling lasting benefit for both your family and for the community at large.

For single parents:

  • OzSee looks to satisfy the need in ways that are both fun and interesting, and tried and tested by Mother and Daughter alike.
  • OzSee strives to satisfy parents’ desire not only for time to be used well, but also to engage their loved ones, and their safeguard the financial outlay!
  • OzSee showcases how putting this time to good use is about not wasting an opportunity to do something worthwhile, and fun, and ultimately one that can be done as a family, regularly.

OzSee provides information on all sorts of options, at a variety of price pointsIt is most specifically around how to pay for it, how to set it up and what to include in the adventure agenda!

“It is a funny thing about life.
If you refuse to accept anything but the very best,
you very often get it”

W. Somerset Maugham

In one of the “Secrets Exposed” series, featuring in the “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed!” is an amazing group of successful women who eagerly share their experiences and pass on what they’ve learned. Denise Hall is one of these inspirational women. “http://www.theentrepreneurialmother.com” Click here to find out more.

Denise Hall is “the entrepreneurial mother®”, who was an unemployed, homeless and pregnant singleton that morphed into the entrepreneurial mother® and built a 7-figure business during school hours, (and now goes on adventure every 2 years with Daughter!)

PLUS lives a “designed” Life to make it work…

So no surprise that she now get many asking how she did it and how she still does it. If your job or business is eating up your Life and it’s not looking how you want it too… join her. She’s packed in details of everything that she still uses to this day; including the 11P’s she follows. You can go through the exact same process, using the tools, techniques and Mothers Little Helpers; setting yourself as the entrepreneurial mother® in the making.

Lets face it; all mothers are working mothers!
Now is the time to embrace that fact by being deliberately entrepreneurial about how we do what we do.
Lets get clever about how to use the hours we have available to earn what we must earn (plus a whole lot more!); at the same time being the role-model parent we want to be.
After all, “mother” is a verb.

So… please introduce yourself at the website noted just below.
I look forward to e-meeting you, and lets get this party started!
Denise Hall
the entrepreneurial mother®

Life is to be lived to the fullest, and Denise sees it as her responsibility to do just that. She is also now gaining a reputation as the entrepreneurial mother