adventures Africa photos…

finally getting through the post holiday chores…
like arranging all the photos in order for show and tell!

so, rather than bore you with a full array of many digital masterpieces! (if you do want to see all, feel free to ask… I can supply a link which will take you to the web album on Picasa so just leave me a comment and I’ll respond with the details…)

I have instead sprinkled a few fabulous ones back through the relevant posts on the blog. That way the photos will actually mean something when you view them… I hope!

and as an aside, if you do have any questions about travelling with children, again feel free to ask. I have travelled with my daughter at the ages of 9 months, 19 months; 3 years old; 4 years old; 7 years old and now 9 years old so we’ve become rather skilled at it.
and of course, we intend to do much, much more.

the next adventure is already being discussed… enjoy!

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