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the Kimberley Experience; from Darwin to Broome

cruising the Katherine Gorge

cruising the Katherine Gorge








August 9-17 of 2014, Daughter and I (together with Grandma and 44 of her closest 65+ year old friends) travelled by coach from Darwin in Northern Territory to Broome in Western Australia. With 2853 kms clocked,  a cracking pace was set and to everyone’s credit, all kept up!

If you’ve not been to the Kimberley’s, you must change that as soon as possible.
It is some of the most exquisite countryside you will ever see… and the colours, just stunning.

Ord River

Lake Argyle, Ord River

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge










There was drama afoot when about to leave Fitzroy Crossing. A road train had rolled on the road to Broome and we could not get through. That meant an unplanned overnighter at the Fitzroy Crossing Resort. Lucky for us, they could accommodate (and a few others), with the tents being just fine. Even got to watch the football with the locals at the bar that evening. The banter between the grey army and the young blackfellas was hilarious!

tents at Fitzroy Crossing Resort











It was a very special to be able to have 3 generations together on adventure.
Time cherished by us all. Shame it’s over now…

the Hall girls at Halls Creek

Magnetic Island… a little paradise

It’s 10am’ish and I’m sitting at a dining room table, looking out over the ocean, back towards Townsville. The sea is calm, the sun shines brightly. Both sea and sky are an exquisite blue and the sun is warming all.

What a delightful little spot this is…
Didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into when we booked it, but then that’s what makes up half the adventure when traveling, isn’t it?

We’ve not done much.
The beauty of a week like this is to STOP!
Actually taking the time out to do nothing is most important, and not done nearly often enough. Mind you, we have been writing and thinking and reading, but all in our own good time.

What we have done? Cuddled a koala, and a snake, and a red-tailed black cockatoo, and a blue-tongue lizard. Gorgeous photos to follow. We’ve walked, talked and bought. We’ve ate, drank and been merry!

We’ve spent time with friends, the Palmers. A delightful and most missed friendship, since we all live so far away from each other these days. Hopefully we will all get to rendezvous again in the not too distant future.

Heading back to Melbourne is not what we want to be doing right now, but alas, reality sets in way too soon. Back to the height of winter is not something we’re looking forward to, given we’ve been living in a balmy 25oC. Oh well…

Will we come back? you bet ya!
Until next time…

We’re bbbaaaccckkkkkk…

Sunny Melbourne received us warmly.

The flight on Aerolineas Argentina was right on time, and they looked after us well (except the food is crap, and they need to get the TVs in the back of the seats…). We were most pleased to be sitting together in our own little twosome, which made sleeping, using the bathroom and general lounging somewhat easier and more comfortable.

After sleeping as much of the 13 hour leg to Auckland as possible,  it was then try-and-stay-awake time for the remainder. We arrived Sydney on time at 11:00am (in fact, it might have even been a little early).  We got through Customs without any drama, double bag checks or declarations of any kind so breezing through was just as we wanted it, and as it should be.

But then we had to sit in Virgin Domestic for 2 hours – bugger! and then there was a delay of another hour – double bugger! Hard to stay awake by this stage though, but then the airport chairs are not known for comfort! Plus, we did have the Australian Open tennis to keep us entertained. We eventually got to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport around 5pm, just in time for Grammy to pick us up out the front.

All in all, an eventless 29 hour journey all up (thank goodness).
Now to the catch-up of domestic and business chores… they never go away do they!