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Loitering with Intent in Lisbon…

…well, with no credit card and minimal access to cash at present, window shopping is becoming our favourite pastime.

Lisbon, Portugal; Lovely!

Lisbon, Portugal; Lovely!

Lisbon is a fab old place. Lots of uphill and down dale – all good for the thigh muscles! It runs at a slower pass than what we’d previously set so its been good to catch our breath…

The night train was as lacklustre as you can imagine. Cold one hour (thank goodness for sleeping bag), hot the next (where’s the water?). We had been spoilt on the initial leg as it was “first class”, but not the sleeping legs. We go through it again Lisbon to the border – Hendaye. Oh Joy!

We’re finally adjusting to travelling on our own. We do miss the Hornes though. Their help on that final day was so much appreciated. Funny thing about life; let your vulnerability show through and it allows others to shine! Certainly another good reminder for me.

Paris – next stop