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balak, balak! the Sound of the Fez Medina…

Kasbahs and Camels is the name of the tour we are about to embark on… sounds rather exotic doesn’t it!

Fez, Morocco; Hakima, our guide around the Medina

Fez, Morocco; Hakima, our guide around the Medina

In fact it commences tomorrow morning, which is why we are flying out of Fez 19:45 this evening, to Ouarzazate via Casablanca. That will be an interesting flight I’m sure.

We spent all of yesterday lost in the medina, with our fabulous guide Hakima (so not really lost!). We were however offered all the camels in the Sahara for daughter, and as many Moroccan carpets we wanted… blimey!

We did shopping and eating, battled for path space with donkeys, and were called to prayer 5 times… as you do in this mysterious place full of nooks and crannies.

balak, balak!

Fez, Morocco; balak, balak!

Fez, Morocco; balak, balak!

Today has been spent on chores, repacking, and performance. Yes that’s right.

The girls ended up performing for all guests of the riad, miming and moving to ‘Words’ by Kate Miller-Heidke. Suffice to say they were a hit. Click on below to enjoy!

As Easter doesn’t really get a look in here! and who knows whether internet coverage features in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara, we bid you all a fab Easter break and will report in again when next possible.

Kate Miller-Heidke “Words” as mimed in a Riad in Fez Morocco