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Tough like Berber in Marrakech…

`looky looky
shifty shifty
come have a butchers`…
…cries from in and around the souk {market} of Marrakech

What fun we had today.
Apparently I`m `tough like Berber` in relation to negotiating, and had a really good time doing it too I must say. Although I did need to spend some time discussing the fine art of negotiating with daughter because at some points she decided to bid against me to secure the booty! hhhhmmmmm. All good fun though.

Our plan is to have all present shopping done by the time we leave Morocco, where costs are considerably more tolerable than Europe {especially when tough like Berber bartering comes into play!}. We are only three gifts short of our goal, and we still have all day tomorrow to go.



We have just returned from our final dinner with our Moroccan tour group. Given it is Karstens birthday today, Mohamed {tour main man} and I organised a cake and gift and surprised him, and everyone else, with it at the restaurant. It worked a treat! hip hip hoorah.


We`ve had a grand old time. We leave the tour hotel in the morning; where we move to our last riad for one night, which is based in the medina. Then it`s off to Barcelona for our last three days in Spain, where we leave our travel buddies {the Hornes} and head to Lisbon, Portugal. Before that though, we are going to the Barcelona vs. Valencia football {soccer} game Tuesday night. That should be fun.

I have to admit that I will be very sad to leave Morocco, and so will daughter. We have had such a delightful introduction to the place, and of course, now have `new best friends` in both Fez and Marrakech. It will definitely be sad to say goodbye. Especially after a good dose of banter again tomorrow…
We would really like to return.

ps. Text messaging is still not working, but hopefully it will back on track again once we return to Spain.